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© 2023 EmJae Ross, All Rights Reserved | Austin, TX

I am a Christian Artist who writes songs for the masses that tell real stories in a unique way but ultimately point to Jesus and His character. 

Every moment I live and breathe today is for the King of all eternity, Jesus. His hand on my life is unmistakable.

He gave me a beautiful and grace-filled wife named Brittany. Together we are raising our three wonderful and beautiful children: Railyn, Jack, and Ruby.

Our heart together is to see the depravity of sin struggle in everyone we encounter be overcome through the power and work of Jesus Christ. 

To be a vessel that will help Him open the eyes of the lost to the life-changing reality of the Gospel and know the loving kindness of Jesus is our Mission as husband and wife. Whether it be through churches, the homeless, in prisons or in orphanages, we will go where he sends.

And personally, to help the saved and the lost come to know the voice of the all-consuming fire that is the Holy Spirit is my call on this earth. 

To see heaven meet earth on a repeated basis in any venue or forum is my goal through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Love and Blessings,


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